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 "I started using the CBD oil for sleep . I have used many different things  ( prescription and over the counter ) pills and also lifestyle changes . I thought why not try this as I’ve read that it would help. What I discovered was that it had a calming effect. I notice this before bed time, as I was taking it a hour before I went to sleep. I’ve also started taking  one tablet during the day, for the same calming effect .

I do recommend trying this to see what it can do for you."


- Emma M., Verona, Wisconsin

"Due to a medical condition I have had issues with spasticity and cramping in my legs at night for many years.  You can only take so much magnesium, so I began to look for other alternatives.  A friend suggested I try CBD.  After doing some research, talking to my "care team" and some trial and error I began taking crystalline CBD at night.  My symptoms are greatly reduced, I sleep better and I move much better in the morning.  I would recommend CBD concentrates and CBD Oils and I wouldn't wait and make it a "last resort".  I don't know if it works for everything, but I know it helps me.  I wish I had started using it sooner."


- Ben, South Carolina

"I was born with muscular dystrophy and developed severe scolioses in my early teens.  To tolerate day-to-day pain in my back and overall body, I started taking Vicodin.   I decided to try CBD oil for 30 days, seven drops, twice day.  I am now taking CBD oil on a daily basis and it has changed my life.  I can manage my pain and still function as a teacher and public speaker.  It has been a miracle for me."


- Karen F., Madison

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